• Quiz World Cup TM also referred to as “QWC” is a registered Trademark and a Global Quiz Championship, primarily in English language conceptualized and produced by Aurantiaco Journeys and Events Pvt. Ltd.
• QWC rounds are divided into 2 main categories i.e. the ‘Preliminary Rounds’ and the ‘On-stage Rounds’.
• The ‘Preliminary Rounds’ will consist of the Mock Quiz, Pre-Qualifier, Qualifier and Eliminator Round which will be conducted ‘Online’ on the QWC Application.
• Top 40 Ranked Students from the ‘Eliminator Round’ will qualify for the ‘On-Stage Rounds’.
• The ‘On-Stage Rounds’ will consist of the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final which will be held in Dubai over a period of 2-3 days
• An Educational Institution (K-12 School, College or a University in Dubai) will be shortlisted by July 2019 to host the ‘On-Stage Rounds’. The venue location may vary if a better partner location is available in and around Dubai.
• Students qualifying for the ‘On-Stage rounds’ will be awarded an all-expense paid trip including Airfare, Accommodation, Local Sightseeing, Championship Jerseys, Transportation and Meals. In case of minors, students must be accompanied by an adult, preferably an immediate Family Member.
• The QWC ‘On-Stage Rounds’ qualifying students must have a valid Passport with at least 8 months validity as on 15-Oct-2019.
• The ‘On-Stage rounds’ will be live streamed worldwide for quiz enthusiasts, followers and citizens of the qualifying countries.
• The details of the Quiz topics and the complete schedule are available at


• Quiz World Cup TM has deployed Content Process Outsourcing services for the Test Items and Question Bank Development for the Championship in the 2019 Season.
• Professionals and Experts from multiple industries based on varying topics of the QWC 2019, and Test Item Development companies with decades of experience in assessment and test item (question) development, hand grading and content support to Education Companies, Schools and e-tutoring companies worldwide form the Fulcrum of the Content team for the QWC 2019.
• The Content Development and Quality Check team have worked under a Fully Managed, Supervised and Secure Infrastructure to develop an Original and unique pattern of questionnaire for the respondents who will be participating in the Championship and to ensure highest standards and quality of items.
• The process followed during the Item development included but was not limited to Original Item Creation, Item Cloning, Alignment, Editorial and Proofreading, 3-levels Quality Assurance & Review, and finally Approvals under pre-defined and unique Item & Art Specifications and Guidelines based on all aspects and parameters like Scenario Accuracy, Distractor Design and Rationales, Bias, Difficulty Levels and Thinking Skills of the student participants.


• A student will register in the QWC as an individual participant. This can be done by directly registering on the QWC website by filling up the Student/Parent Form. If the registration process is initiated by the school, the student can register by submitting the respective form and fee to the school coordinator(s).
• Schools may publish the Circular on their Intranet, School ERP or any other electronic medium, or hand over physical copies to Parents to encourage participation from the School.
• Participation is only for Students of Grades 8-12 or between the Age Group of 12-19 (whichever is applicable) between April 2019 and December 2019.
• Students must be administered by an adult (parent, guardian or a school representative) while making an online payment, submitted with a duly filled ‘Student/Parent Registration Form’.
• Fee must be paid in full, either using the payment gateway available on the Quiz World Cup website or at the School, to the School Coordinator assigned by your School
• The fee mentioned in the Circular is Final. There are no discounts or additional charges and anybody quoting the same should be immediately reported to
• Schools must collect the fee from students and transfer to the QWC assigned Bank Account(s) via Online Payment Gateway or Online Bank Transfer or Demand Draft* (*only for Schools in India, in favor of “Aurantiaco Journeys and Events Pvt. Ltd.” payable at Noida, Uttar Pradesh) within 3 working days (excluding processing time), along with the duly filled ‘School Registration Form’.
• Schools outside of India may choose to transfer the fee via the Payment Gateway available on the website url or Transfer directly from your Bank(s) in our Bank Details given below:
            Account Name – Aurantiaco Journeys and Events Pvt. Ltd.
            Bank Name – HDFC BANK
            Account Number – 5020-002-996-9773
            IFSC Code – HDFC0000651
            Branch Name – Sector-26, Noida (Uttar Pradesh), INDIA
• Once you have submitted the fee, please email the Transaction Reference Number and complete fee details with the duly filled registration form to
• The Participation Fee is mentioned in US Dollar ($) in your School and Parent Circulars respectively. The payee must consult with their banks or an experienced accountant to clarify any doubts about the currency conversion in your native currency to enable proper and legitimate fee payment for participation.
• Fee once submitted will not be refunded
• Any dispute regarding the fee payment must be submitted to within 7 days of submitting the fee, with the subject line “Fee Dispute, (CountryName), (StudentName), (SchoolName)” with complete transaction details, including transaction reference number.
Rules and Guidelines for the individual Rounds, including Format, Scoring, Timelines, etc. will be updated on the website in due course of time. Students and Schools are advised to follow the page after 20-March-2019 for more updates.


To download a copy of the Championship Rules & Information click here



a. Countries
b. Cities
c. Physical, Human and Political Geography
d. Inventions and Discoveries
e. Space
f. Global Politics
g. Technology
h. Military
i. Transport

a. Design
b. Food & Beverages
c. Handicrafts
d. Costume
e. Human Body
f. Products & Services
g. Brands & Organizations
h. Travel & Tourism
i. Health & Fitness
j. Fashion



a. Life Sciences
b. Social Sciences
c. Flora & Fauna
d. Environmental Sciences
e. Medicine

a. Dance
b. Music
c. Films
d. Theatre
e. Media: Comics, Novels, Authors & Writers, Language, Literature
f. Opera
g. Radio
h. Television
i. Celebrities



a. Fine Arts
b. Philosophy
c. Mythology
d. Museums
e. Religion
f. Architecture
g. World Culture

a. Civilization
b. Current Affairs
c. Ancient History
d. Famous People
e. History
f. Population



a. Sports
b. Games
c. Records
d. Achievements
e. Hobbies & Pastimes
f. Famous Athletes and Sportspersons