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About Us

They say “Orange is the new Black”. Aurantiaco is Orange in Latin and brings with it a beautiful Blend of Learning and Fun at ‘Aurantiaco Journeys and Events’ broadly flavored around two industries – Travel & Tourism and Event Management.

Aurantiaco Journeys

Under the Tourism segment, Aurantiaco is a unique Travel Facilitator synonymous with Quality, Personalized attention, and Professional Services for Customers and Travelers all over the World.

Our unique and customized International Tours, Domestic Tours and Inbound Tours to India keep us motivated to continuously explore further and whet that ever wanting Travel Appetite of every Traveler.

As one of the leading Inbound Tour operators in India, Aurantiaco offers some of the best Student Group Tours to the most popular and also the unexplored destinations under various themes like Science, Sports, Art & Culture, History & Heritage, Adventure, Religious, Yoga, Entertainment & Bollywood, among others.

Aurantiaco Events

Our Events are broadly focused for School and Higher-Ed institutions, cherry picked to serve a repertoire of themes like Music, Sports, Academics, Dance, etc.

Our Global University and School partnerships allow the freedom to keep exploring more and setting new benchmarks by introducing fresh and unexplored ideas for sustainable, reliable and successful relationships.

Additionally, Aurantiaco offers personalized Corporate and Business Events at small, medium and large scale capacities. Family events are attended with exceptional care and attention to make every experience spectacular and memorable.

Artist and Celebrity Management

Rely on Aurantiaco to meet all your Artist and Celebrity Management requirements. We represent and have an extensive network of artists and celebrities from India and Overseas. The Portfolio constitutes a combination of solutions and requirements for managing professional artists such as Actors, Playback or Independent Singers, Stand-up Comedians, Dancers, etc.

Aurantiaco also facilitates any requirement that you may have for Celebrity promotions, Celebrity performances or Celebrity appearances at any event/s. We offer a complete ecosystem of services by facilitating and managing the schedule, bookings, travel, accommodation, etc. of the artists and celebrities.

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